List of Promises (Bi-Monthly Update): Striving to Get the Brand Rolling During Tough Winter Wars

Lot of emotions kicked into high gear during the final stages of winter, leading to conflicts and new levels of confidence of getting my brand launched, hoping it'll lead to greater things in my road of "Getting Over" and live the dream on a regular basis. Man! I'm going to be honest with you guys, [...]

It's More Than Just Being at Daytona…It's My Career and Life on the Line

What's supposed to be a calm week of anticipation has turned into the worst-case scenario where that dream, could die and the fear of disappointing everyone once again. EDITOR'S NOTE: For the record, I'll buy a domain or jump into another web building site when time permits. It'll mean I need to make new business [...]

The Last On-Assignment: 2016 Battle of the Palouse

Two years removed from my last-ever Argonaut assignment, I reflect as to what my mind was focusing on as I embarked on covering the 2016 Battle of the Palouse. Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – A snowy and chilly night at the Palouse, but it didn’t stop me and a group of about six people to [...]

List of Promises (Bi-Monthly Update): Accomplishing Machine and Looking Ahead

Huge confidence booster after completing several major tasks, and covering a historic event. However, with just two months remaining, there's still other goals yet to be accomplished. What a eventful and chaotic past two months. I've went through several phases since my last bi-monthly entry, covering the last two IndyCar races, a historic NASCAR K&N [...]

Fighting for Acceptance: What Being 23 Taught Me

Age 23 has a moniker, "nobody likes you when you're 23." Finding acceptance is like jumping through a fire, not knowing the implications it'll produce. Nobody likes you when you're 23. Not "Year Jordan," but that phrase has a stigma. I don't get why this came to be, nor would I care to know because [...]