Behind the Exploratory Lenses (2020-21)

Motorsports media journeyman Luis Torres hosts a tell-all podcast where he discusses his racing ventures, but it’s far from the only subject. He’ll also discuss about other sports, music and lifestyle. More importantly, he’ll spotlight the people who’ll share their ambitious journey because every voice deserves to be heard.

Show Promo

Behind the Exploratory Lenses show introduction (May 15, 2020)

Season 2

Episode 25 – Long Term Investment Worthwhile (feat. Josh Berry)
Episode 24 – Brand New Steps and Triumphs (feat. Rajah Caruth)
Episode 23 – Florida Speedweeks Rambling
Episode 22 – ARCA Daytona Testing Report
Episode 21 – From Driving to Managing (feat. Michael Self)

Season 1

Episode 20 – A Graceful Reflection (feat. Gracie Trotter)
Episode 19 – Flipping the Switch (feat. TJ Tranchell)
Episode 18 – Coping with Idaho’s Establishment (feat. TJ Tranchell)
Episode 17 – The Mysterious Case of a Racer and SoCal Venue
Episode 16 – Dynamite Full of Rage
Episode 15 – Farewell and Redemption: 2020 Indy 500 Review and Prep for 2021
Episode 14 – A Much Needed Getaway Trip
Episode 13 – Back on the West Coast Saddle (feat. Holley Hollan)
Episode 12 – My Ultimatum with Motorsports
Episode 11 – The Unknown Future of Motorsports
Episode 10 – Indy Views Lasts a Lifetime (feat. Brandon Crosslin)
Episode 9 – Facing Reality: Self-Advocacy vs. Self-Efficacy
Episode 8 – Looking Back at Cispus: The JC Years (2013-15)
Episode 7 – Looking Back at Cispus: The Delegate Years (2010-11)
Episode 6 – A Troubling Landscape, Pt. 2 (feat. friskynixon)
Episode 5 – A Troubling Landscape, Pt. 1 (feat. friskynixon)
Episode 4 – More Than Just A Racing Gamer (feat. Emerson Ardon)
Episode 3 – We Must Do Better
Episode 2 – Why I Retired from YouTube (feat. Balto Racing)
Episode 1 – Who Is Luis? (The Pilot Episode)
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