Behind the Exploratory Lenses

Motorsports media journeyman Luis Torres hosts a tell-all podcast where he discusses his racing ventures, but it’s far from the only subject. He’ll also discuss about other sports, music and lifestyle. More importantly, he’ll spotlight the people who’ll share their ambitious journey because every voice deserves to be heard.

Ep. 18: Coping with Idaho’s Establishment (feat. T.J. Tranchell) Behind the Exploratory Lenses

In my first of two episodes featuring author and teacher T.J. Tranchell (interview begins at 14:09), we talked about how a simple Shawna Robinson 1:64 scale diecast began our respect towards one another. But more importantly, becoming one of my mentors throughout my post-college days where I’ve learned a lot about how to properly write and understanding how things work out is okay sometimes. This was definitely the case during my time at the University of Idaho when I wrote for The Argonaut from 2015-16. We dove into my troubled past with a sports editor during Fall 2016 that led to one of the reasons why I decided to graduate early. From there, T.J. also discussed about his journey as a media personnel over the past two decades which you’ll certainly enjoy. All of that and more on the latest episode of “Behind the Exploratory Lenses.”
  1. Ep. 18: Coping with Idaho’s Establishment (feat. T.J. Tranchell)
  2. Ep. 17: The Mysterious Case of a Racer and SoCal Venue
  3. Ep. 16: Dynamite Full of Rage
  4. Ep. 15: Farewell and Redemption (2020 Indy 500 Review & Prep for 2021)
  5. Ep. 14: A Much Needed Getaway Trip
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