Behind the Exploratory Lenses

Motorsports media journeyman Luis Torres hosts a tell-all podcast where he discusses his racing ventures, but it’s far from the only subject. He’ll also discuss about other sports, music and lifestyle. More importantly, he’ll spotlight the people who’ll share their ambitious journey because every voice deserves to be heard.

Ep. 25: Long Term Investment Worthwhile (feat. Josh Berry) Behind the Exploratory Lenses

I haven't gone away! "Behind the Exploratory Lenses" is still active, just been doing other things I love to share someday. In the meantime, after two months since my last episode, I had the pleasure interviewing NASCAR Xfinity Series winner Josh Berry. We discussed about his Martinsville win, his relationship with his JR Motorsports crew and expectations for Talladega. It was part of my latest feature for The Podium Finish that you can read right now. Hope you enjoy this brief episode as next month should be a life changing month. At least I hope so, but I'll save that talk for now.
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  4. Ep. 22: ARCA Testing Report (Jan. 15, 2021)
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