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GALLERY: 2023 Meet the Artists Reception

LYNNWOOD, Wash. (Sept. 20, 2022) — The Lynnwood Convention Center hosted its annual Meet the Artists Reception Tuesday, September 19th. During the event, select people were treated with a VIP experience were they had a chance of tasting some of next year’s finest meals from Plate & Palette. Following the VIP event, the people who attended the…

For the Love of Racing: What Happened to the Passion?

“The fire still burns, but not enough for the stakes.” – Steve Young A quote that’s lingered my mind, body and soul over the past six weeks. It resonates to me more than any quote because it’s timely applicable. Specifically, trying to make a career in covering motorsports and actually see income since 2018. San…

100 Songs I Felt the Vibe in 2022

Music brings out the best in me from a creative standpoint. It’s also my other passion outside of sports. Naturally, I love keeping track of songs I enjoy listening and share it to those who care or want to branch out. I’ve been doing this for several years now and unlike those previous years, it’s…

From the Lens: Best of 2022

This blog focuses solely on my favorite photos outside of motorsports. If you want to see the best shots I took in that field, please check it out! FROM THE LENS: BEST OF 2022 IN MOTORSPORTS As previously mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to split this annual piece into two parts. One on…

From the Lens: Best of 2022 in Motorsports

Life can throw a bunch of curveballs and this year was a prime example. Especially, in my journey of trying to make this motorsports thing work. Instead of doing the usual Top 25 favorite photos as an open category, I’ve decided to split it into two parts. Why two? I don’t just cover racing when…

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University of Idaho alumni with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Broadcasting and Digital Media.

Multi-time National Motorsports Press Association Award Winner in Photography

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