The last two months was a struggle on accomplishing more promises, but after a learning year, I’d say doing this has helped me as a person and brought new confidence that was once lost.

Compared to my last bi-monthly blog, I’m kind of bummed out that my last entry of 2018 wasn’t satisfying. More postponements and failures defined it, which I’ve said in my 2019 promises blog. While it sucked that nothing got really done, due in most part of the Holidays and that “mundane” job, it doesn’t make 2018 a disappointment.

While people are getting married or having kids, as I liked to call it “The Summer of Love 2.0” and also “Holiday of Love,” thanks to multiple engagement posts, I’ve taken a lot of leaps and boundaries to get out of a horrible slump that was 2017. By following my promises, it gave me a whole new viewpoint in life and while I didn’t get all 14, 2018 was a successful year.

It may have cost me friendships (notably one) and respect levels might’ve presumably taken a nosedive like the 49ers and Raiders in the “Tank Bowl,” but here’s one last look into my original 14 promises.

Promise No. 1: Travel to Learn New Things (Accomplished 4x)

If you were to tell me that after coming up with my original list that I would travel places and do what I love more than once, I would’ve said “I hope so, but I doubt it.”

While Portland was a college course bundled up in a single weekend or taking a gamble to travel to Boise on a three weeks notice, all of those memories shall be cherished. Now heading into 2019, I’m thinking bigger and further locations like the East Coast or even the possibility of revisiting Southern California.

I firmly believe by traveling to different places makes a person stronger and more self-aware of the surroundings. It may not be fancy or elegant, but it’s a way to get away and explore when I have the chance before I somehow get into a serious relationship and hopefully blossom in my career.

Accomplished: Traveling to Sonoma, CA in June. An additional three took place in Portland, a return to Sonoma two weeks later, and visiting the Meridian/Boise area three weeks after.

Promise No. 2: Serve Others About Life (Quietly Succeeded)

You know something, as much as I would’ve liked to have serve others in a location, I felt that I’ve helped people in some aspects. All thanks to my promises.

The first one was rather eye opening where a simple collaborative effort led to a whole new round of confidence. Rather explaining it myself, here’s the post in subject:

Not only it made my day, but I understood that even if it’s not speaking in front of people or coming up with a well-thought written piece, I can still serve others in different ways. That to me can be as important and a bit more rewarding.

The other instance just took place a few days ago when my promises for 2019 brought inspiration for someone to do on their own. Not a resolution, but goals to accomplish in a span of a year. I’m excited to see how that works out and I do see it as a mini movement where people want to do follow similar footsteps like I’ve done this year and beyond.

Accomplished: Two instances of unknowingly inspiring people to follow their goals and happiness.

Promise No. 3: Belongingness (Postponed to 2019)

This is from my previous blog discussing my 2019 promises:

The script is there. Just the people and proper visuals isn’t. Otherwise, I would’ve knocked this one out a long time ago.

Belongingness, is part of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” and the one I’ve always struggled. No matter where I go, I still have that doubt of whether or not I should be there. That was definitely the case in Idaho, where I never felt belonged. More so after graduating two years ago.

I have a message explaining what that means to me when I wrote it back in 2017. It deserves its own video and like Autism Awareness, more impacting visually than it would be in written form.

By postponing it until 2019, it’ll allow me to further develop this project and once I’m ready, I can focus on it without any interference. Maybe, I’ll see myself in a different way and understand that I am enough.

Promise No. 4: Media Outlet (Accomplished)

Another instance where I didn’t see myself writing about motorsports, let alone doing some work for hockey games at this time last year because I was mad at the whole world.

I’m really excited to continue growing Motorsports Tribune and provide my take on a lot of racing topics. I do see this upcoming season being bright with unexpected twist and turns. I’ve already shared what I’d like to do, such as covering races on a bi-monthly basis, but it’s worth sharing that I’ll still do NASCAR and IndyCar content once again.

What I hope by the end of 2019 is what sanctioning body I’d like to dedicate myself covering and see myself benefiting in the long run. Not only I’ll be doing that, I’m hoping to inform you guys about another sanctioning body that I see flourishing and providing content for them may do the trick. It may involved a mixture of on and off-road racing. That’s all I’ll say about that particular sanctioning body.

However, as much as I love covering the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, it’s unlikely that it’ll be a viable plan for 2019. It’s a bit unfortunate because it’s an untapped series compared to the K&N East that seems to have more coverage in my eye. Those three races that I did (Sonoma, Evergreen and Meridian), were enjoyable in their own right and hope that somehow, someway, I can follow and cover it in the future.

Perhaps one of the pure highlights the last two months was doing camerawork twice when the Silvertips hit the ice. The most enriching one was “Toss A Bear Night” when the Tips faced their foe, the Seattle Thunderbirds. Yes, I ended up working one of the most important games of the year, which was an absolute blast.

I’ll say this, just because I did some work for football, basketball, volleyball and even lacrosse, hockey is a whole different animal. I’ve never done it before those two games, and had to adapt on different zooming settings and picking up shots in the fast-place slaughter race known as hockey.

By doing those games, I felt that I’ve done a nice job so far. Hope there’s more games to come because that’s what I enjoy the most, capturing events in its true form. It sure does beat spotlight work (two in January), which I don’t mind and pretty simple, but being behind the camera is a nice calling if you asked me.

Accomplished: Writing for the Tribune and working part-time at Angel of the Winds Arena.

Promise No. 5: Motorsports Weekend (Accomplished 3x)

It’s a thrill being at the track to do my job. Now heading into 2019, I’ll continue to do so and hope my worth grows, where people will see my work. Who knows, maybe get a little cult following along the way.

This year was a starting point by simply getting stories and try getting into photography. Now that I have a shoulder camera, I’m hoping to get my videography out there. Probably it’ll just be stand-up reports, but you get my point. Doing the big three in media is an essential to get far and by doing those, I can only go up instead of tanking.

Accomplished: Covering the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series weekend at Sonoma Raceway in June and the final two IndyCar Series races at Portland and Sonoma.

Promise No. 6: Driving (Postponed to 2019)

Another excerpt from my previous blog:

This will help me find that freedom. You have no idea how irritating my “mundane” job has prevented me to finally get that damn license and see if having it opens multiple doors to get a full-time career.

I thought during the summer would be it, but I had to switch jobs from a crappy, racist and snitchy organization to a more subtle and respectable one. Therefore, the times became super inconsistent and I can’t learn properly.

I’ll work out a plan to make it work and get the damn thing because driving is a dream. Sure, gas money and car management is key, and I know that, but being behind the wheel brings validity unlike anything else.

So far, I want to focus on it right away and see if I can get my license before spring rolls along. That of course will come down to weather such as snow hindering those plans. At least, we have a consensus that I can learn and take lessons so the dream will become a reality in 2019.

Hell, I have this undisclosed theory, maybe a dream, that once I’m a licensed driver, I’ll be given a huge opportunity to do what I love in a place that I love more than anything and it has nothing to do with motorsports. I still believe that’ll happen and when it does, you’ll know it.

Promise No. 7: Create a Film About My Favorite Places (Accomplished)

This particular promise was enduring to accomplish, but at least I did some new video work despite being a DSLR. The fact I somehow can follow the football after only doing one game in a span of a year prior to the Homecoming Game this year, tells me that I still got it. I’ve never really lost it which was nice to know.

Not sure if I’ll get to do more high school stuff next year, but what I do hope is film at places I cherish the most. I’m certain that I’ll accomplish that except it’ll be more profile oriented as you’ll see momentarily.

Accomplished: Filming high school football and made a highlight video of the South Whidbey vs. Granite Falls football game on October 19th.

Promise No. 8: New Home (Flopped)

I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t find a new place and have tried all possibilities, but it just couldn’t work in the time period we had. Whether its credit problems (not from me), mass payments or even what can we use to purchase a home, the progress felt like a waste of time and hated every minute of it.

With this in mind, I learned that reality can rear its ugly head. Not just that, but a true learning lesson that finding a home is far from easy. Being super single and dire straits for change, there’s no reason not to be in another place next year. Absolutely inexcusable at the age of 24, pushing 25 in October, that I don’t end up elsewhere.

Independence and freedom is a moral goal I have, and want to achieve it before the Double 20s.

Failed: The debate of moving before winter or next spring and poor finances as a whole withing my family tanked any hope of moving to an ideal place where I can actually have a personal property. It sucked hard, and just hope I can move out soon!

Promise No. 9: Autism Awareness (Failed)

Another excerpt from my last blog. I know, but I’ve explained it in greater detail there and coming up with different ways of saying it just won’t work:

I can’t stress this enough that out of all goals, this one was the most disappointing to have failed in 2018. The constant debate if an article that briefly focuses about it counts ate me up for awhile before saying I can’t count it.

This promises is a video project and wanted to accomplish it in April. Now, World Autism Awareness Day will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Pretty straight forward, I got a few months to come up with a way to make a solid video that focuses on the struggles and as to why it shouldn’t be frowned upon or even define a person. Much like how I stopped letting those things derail my livelihood.

An article can do so much, but a video is much more impacting with this subject.

Failed: My article that briefly focuses on Autism Awareness wasn’t enough to warrant a check mark in my book. It has to be more impacting that grabs other people’s attention.

Promise No. 10: Photoshoot (Accomplished)

Doing the workout photoshoot indeed brought a new creative side that can be reached in the future. I’m hoping that in 365 days from now, I’ve done different photoshoots and share it here on my website. By the way, I am taking requests if you’re interested as I discussed in my previous blog.

Accomplished: Bodies by Brooke photoshoot on September 20th

Promise No. 11: Video Profiles on People (Postponed to 2019)

The one goal I’ve never got to even planned or even do. It’s a grinding goal to get people to tell their stories because the people I’ve wanted to do, are far away or the fear of unwillingness to do the project.

With my shoulder camera, it proves that I’m not kidding around and ready to make more content in 2019. Anyone that has stories to share on camera or know someone with a captivating tale, please let me know!

Promise No. 12: Dream Internship (Denied)

There’s other dreams that can come true. At this moment, it’s come hell or high water when it comes of getting opportunities that may serve better purpose than an internship.

Denied: Rejected by the NASCAR Diversity Program early in the year, and a lackluster response from Mukilteo Beacon. Never got the meeting or conversation past “what day should we have coffee?”

Promise No. 13: Get a Support System (Accomplished)

I may not feel like I get enough support on Twitter, where no one knows who I am or an absolute nobody in that world. Stupid Top 10 Favorite NASCAR YouTubers tweets!

I honestly don’t give a shit if I’m on their list or not. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not “hip and trendy,” I’m an “Indie guy.” Better off that way and those that care will let me know.

Video content aside, I’m proud to have a great group of people that’s given me an outlet to cover the sport I love and also film live events. Here’s to continuing that trend in 2019.

Accomplished: Hired to be a part of the Angel of the Winds Arena video crew in June. Probably my role will expand soon with another media entity.

Promise No. 14: Memoir Project (Completed)

When I reflect on the last day of 2018, I’ll accomplish a silly but important promise I made myself, writing about my entire year without missing a single entry.

There may have been days that I wrote past midnight, or even one morning because I wasn’t expected to be out of town all night, but it’s become a ritual of my day that I enjoy.

Even the horrible days I’ve had, which may have been about 10% bad to say 85% in 2017, at least I had something to share than the days it was absolute boredom, which there was for a period of time.

I’m hoping to write about my life prior to 2018 with some important tales that’s molded me into the person I am and want to be. Now going into 2019, I’ll continue to write about it but I’ll also find a way to get my story out there and turn in into a true memoir. A memoir people can read about and learn more how a guy with Asperger’s can dream big and never gave up on it.

Will see how that goes, but the final accomplished promise will be fulfilled. Ending 2018 with 8 of 14 being successful. More than half isn’t that bad I must say.

Accomplished: Writing about my entire 2018 every single day, kick starting my long-term project about my life.

Final Thoughts of 2018

The year that was 2018 was redemption. It’s brought new confidence in my life that was once lost in 2017, when it appeared that nothing has gone my way. I may have lost trust and friends over in the process, but the fact I’ve slowly doing what I love is a great boost in my young life.

Those who have been there with me throughout the year, I can’t thank you enough for your support! I’ve gained self-confidence, but your appreciation of my efforts further establishes my confidence level for 2019.

So that’s it, 2018 is about to end and as we roll into 2019, I’m ready to wrap up the 2010s and eager to accomplish more promises as it’ll be the year of dream big and growth.

For now, doubt me if you insist, prove me wrong if I give consent.

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