“I just don’t know what to say except it’s just super tragic. It’s terrible. It’s horrible.” – Rusty Wallace (July 7, 2000)

A simple quote that was regarding the tragic death of Kenny Irwin, Jr. just resonated with me tonight.

Therefore, just this one time I need to break out of my silence and reach out to those who may need to hear what I’m feeling about this month.

Throughout my life, I’ve refrained from ever discussing about the maddening world outside of my passions which are auto racing and photography. It’s always been done to keep my social media posts unique and maybe shift their minds into something else.

However, the way May 2020 has gone down, there’s little to no joy to discuss in a time of absolute darkness and sorrow.

From the current COVID-19 pandemic that’s impacted the lives on the motorsports media side (especially the photographers, like yours truly) to students not being able to have a proper graduation, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime and many other things all across the education board.

Now, with everything happening in Minneapolis, Louisville, Atlanta, San Jose, Seattle, Indianapolis and Charlotte, many of us have struggled to find any signs of positivity.

You cannot escape it. No matter how hard you’ve tried. We still got a long way to go for equality among many other things that must improve in our society.

Even the littlest things has become shunned. Such as trying to uplift others to push forward without any ounce of harm.

People would unfortunately twist words and turn it into an argument or in this case, catastrophic outcomes.

No matter the circumstances, people’s voices are being frown upon.

When I re-branded my website last year, one of my biggest goals is to make it more than just a site to put my content in hope other media folks sees what I’m capable of. I wanted to make it a place where others feel safe and even share their stories.

It’s my biggest goal with my podcast, Behind the Exploratory Lenses and now I want to provide this outlet for you guys!

If you like to share your voice regarding any situation you’re going through, this is the place to do so! Feel free to reach out and have your voice heard on my blogs.

May 2020 has been fueled by tragedy and hate. I’d love to see that go away in June. I can’t change the world at the snap of a finger, but I want to contribute on the road towards positivity.

While we must all understand what’s happening right now, I hope for better days.

This year has been anything but positive, so the ideal way to stay strong is reaching out to others.

If they need help or just check up on you, don’t leave them hung out to dry. Give them a bit of time to tell you what’s happening.

At the end of the day, it can make all the difference of a human being’s life. We need it more than ever.

Published by Luis Torres

University of Idaho graduate that's currently pursuing the dream of becoming a motorsports media personnel.

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