What I’m going to say is genuinely how I feel about this disturbing moment NASCAR are dealing with right now because this is no doubt the last thing the sport needs on what’s already been a hatred filled 2020.

It left me wanting to punch something or lash out, but like I normally do. I just let my words speak for itself.

For those unaware, do me one favor!

Please, take a seat and read NASCAR’s statement because you will be appalled of this heinous criminal act of what they found from Bubba Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway:

“Late this afternoon, NASCAR was made aware that a noose was found in the garage stall of the 43 team. We are angry and outraged, and cannot state strongly enough how seriously we take this heinous act. We have launched an immediate investigation, and will do everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport. As we have stated unequivocally, there is no place for racism in NASCAR, and this act only strengthens our resolve to make the sport open and welcoming to all.”

Minutes later, Wallace had this to tweet regarding the vile act I sorely hope NASCAR are able to find those assholes immediately and put the ban hammer on them forever:

I’ve already written a news article for Motorsports Tribune, but my thoughts need to come out because I’m at the verge of having a breaking point with the sport I love and some of the bad eggs society has to offer.

When you have long established media folks like Marty Smith fed up, you know this is a horrible outlook for the sport.

Most people know him these days as the college football guy, but he was and still is to me a NASCAR reporter since it’s how I first associated him when I first started following the sport in 2003.

Salute to Marty!

How some moron got into Wallace’s garage stall and pulled this fucking repulsive act to the only African American racer on the grid is beyond cruel.

I don’t care if it’s a crew member, official, safety and so on allowed access to the garage or even some sneaky bastard, an ass whooping is what’s needed for the volatile act of hate and blatant racism.

It’s already a broken record, but 2020 has been a cancerous year for all of us. This further fuels to the fire of why change is necessary!

I’m tired of no one listening to what I feel about this frustration I’m feeling.

I’m tired being ignored and silent.

I’m tired hearing about the drama that’s pulling people apart.

I’m tired that people of different race and ethnicity backgrounds, religions, and disabilities having to constantly deal with this bullshit.

I’m so over this!

All of us that are willing to grow, be mindful and not be so judgmental are over this!

Being both Hispanic and autistic in 2020 adds unwarranted concerns. How does that make me feel when people of color go through this kind of hell?

What about everyone else?

To put it front, one of my closest friends is black. Some of my favorite people I’ve ever met from Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp are black.

Hell, I’ve established friendships with fellow Latinos, gays, and so ranging from my profession to online. We’re all extraordinary and each have amazing traits.

I don’t let harmless traits define a human being. I view them for who they are and how they treat others. That is all!

As much as I don’t let the color of my skin nor disability define me or let it be the issue of any form of struggles, this is a tough moment for many of us out there right now.

What was found Sunday at Talladega is unwarranted!

Wallace doesn’t deserve this. Richard Petty Motorsports doesn’t deserve this. NASCAR doesn’t deserve this.

Anyone that says so otherwise. Leave, you lowlife narrow minded losers. Pack your shit before you now what even hit you.

My brother firsthand seen racism enacted at Idaho back in 2016-17. He left after freshman year and when I heard about it, I don’t blame him why he went to Central Washington, where just graduated last weekend.

I’ve often felt that vibe throughout the 3.5 years I studied and got my Bachelor’s there.

I don’t like talking about my college run, but I often didn’t felt too safe.

Before graduating from Granite Falls High School in 2013, I started to catch wind of the racism such as how some perceived Hispanics. Sadly, that kind of discrimination came on swinging years after I left the town in 2014.

While I rarely talk to the folks in that area, I was embarrassed hearing how bad the town became. Glad that the community who won’t put up with this crap got together. I may not be in the area anymore, I can see it from afar.

It pains me when I try to bring some sort of peace (ranging from my posts and photos), it’s not enough for others to care about anymore.

I’ve tried to learn, understand and reflect on how corrupt society can be. With everything that’s going on in the United States and around the world, we must do better.


Racism, abuse and hate will not be tolerated in 2020 and beyond.

This past weekend was already gloomy with pro wrestling having a black eye with the countless sexual assaults and abuse that’s started the #SpeakingOut Movement.

That too makes my blood boil hearing how many scums are out there and no doubt pissed me off.

To all the ladies and gentlemen who’ve spoken up along with my local promotion (Without A Cause), I salute you. The industry must do better!

Overall, we’re living in a time of fear and hate. It sucks.

We all need any amount of comfort, love and support possible in order to eliminate this problem.

Now more than ever with NASCAR (the sport I once genuinely loved and still want to continue covering in the future), who’ve done a lot over the past two weeks to eliminate images and symbolism of hate and comfortableness, received another black eye. This time with this current investigation.

I’ve seen the photos, read the tweets, reports and protests of how the people in Alabama (Wallace’s birth state, mind you) feel. It’s a travesty that it’s come down to this.

This kind of shit won’t be tolerated. Not just by me, but plenty of people who work for the sport, cover the sport and follow the sport. We won’t!

Talk to a loved one, a friend or anyone that needs to be heard during difficult times. It can make all the difference for all parties. Certain voices can’t be ignored much longer.

Should Wallace get that maiden NASCAR Cup Series win tomorrow or at a later point in the year, I so hope it becomes a true feelgood healing point on what’s been an absolute horrible year.

Bubba, if you ever read this. Do know that this journeyman reporter and photographer from the state of Washington has your support. As you already know, all of us who won’t tolerate with hate have your back.

You’re one strong human being and admire that you stand for what’s right. Not just for NASCAR, but the entire world. Don’t ever change and always be yourself.

I salute you!

Published by Luis Torres

University of Idaho graduate that's currently pursuing the dream of becoming a motorsports media personnel.

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