Greetings everyone that may stumble upon this blog,

I wanted to share an important update about what’s happened the last two months. This will be the only time I’ll discuss this matter as I want to focus on the rest of my realistic 2022 plans.

After the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas, I unexpectedly lost my paying job during my leave of absence. Outside of my part-time job involving gaming production, I do not have any other consistent income. Along with my car accident last October, it’s had me considering my long-term plans.

Should I pursue a career in education, one of my passions outside of motorsports media?

Go back to school and start all over with zero guarantees I’ll ever be back career wise?

More importantly, is pursuing the dream of being a long-time motorsports media pundit/photographer worth it and does it actually love me back?

While all of that lingers my mind, my primary focus is evaluating my stock as a local photojournalist. It’s a monstrous risk, but I’m determined to make this work.

Luis Torres Multimedia has evolved from a portfolio website into an aspiring media organization in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s the main reason I’ve reached out to get any quality opportunities that can avail of my services. I want to turn my outlet into a professional, independent business because I’m fired up to create projects than ever before.

This weekend, I’ll be doing my second festival and it’s one of the more notable ones in the state. For three days, I’ll be capturing shots of the sights and sounds of the 10th Annual Kirkland Summerfest. No question, the biggest non-racing opportunities to date.

Those recent and upcoming factors have played a huge role as to why I’ve not been active on social media and unable to cover the races like I want to at home. Therefore, my content have been few and far between due to time constraints.

I’m still writing content for both The Podium Finish and Motorsports Tribune when I’m not busy finding and/or covering events just to establish Luis Torres Multimedia as a photo outlet in Washington.

In an ideal world, I’d love to be at Nashville to re-create magic from last year. It’s where I earned one of my two NMPA awards in photography, so I have to deliver.

Just can’t have it all right now and I’ve come to accept such fate. It’s okay, I have a paid gig that weekend to keep me busy.

Unless something changes, Evergreen (ARCA West) and likely Portland (INDYCAR & ARCA West) may be it for the year.

If I had it my way, my next goals after Portland would be Texas, Las Vegas (a bucket list track) and Phoenix at season’s end.

Right now, I’m trying to get through 2022 and beyond. It’s my main focus and it’ll stay that way. Should racing be calling my name again, I’ll need to some vital help beforehand.

By pursuing photography as a local business where I hope to earn consistent income, it’ll allow me to explore different areas. In return, I must build a positive reputation and branch out of racing to show my true worth.

As the saying goes, the more I’m out there creating content, the better I’ll be in the long run.

While I appreciate the past and present opportunities I’ve had, I believe in my worth and stock as a photojournalist. I want to tell stories through my video and photography.

Soul searching is crucial during times like I’ve dealt with recently. Finding joy isn’t easy but with some motivation, I was able to get up from a low point and find new ways to keep myself achieving high points. (Photo: Alberto Torres)

There’s some ways you can help my cause.

First, I would appreciate any generous donations to Luis Torres Multimedia. I will have a link to my photography page where you can help my cause in any way possible.

My Patreon page is still up if you feel generous because I have intentions of sharing my content there, ranging from the events I’m doing locally to other passionate projects like racing red flag information and videos.

For this weekend’s festival in Kirkland, I’m just currently contracted to shoot photos at a festival with the promise of my site being promoted. That’s where the donations come into play.

If you want to contribute, you’re more than welcome to because there’s a ton of activities, food and drinks to witness.

Kirkland Summerfest Donations

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Or enter a custom amount

Your contribution for my upcoming gig is appreciated.


The grand goal is to showcase my vision that’ll become reputable in the Pacific Northwest. To the point that someday, I’d like to venture outside the states and provide valuable stories and visuals.

Whichever you’re incline in helping me out financially, I’ll be forever appreciative of any gratitude during these risky times.

Ultimately, I am a fighter and storyteller. Any support during these times will not go unnoticed and will help me to continue to tell the stories via visuals and words in the future.

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