One Year Later: Phoenix Reflection

When I called my last 2019 trip “My Road Ends Here,” little did I knew that title would ring different meanings because Phoenix has changed me in more ways than one. On a week everyone are either still waiting for one certain outcome to be determined or ready for 2020 to be over with, I […]

List of Promises: Life after Graduating from Idaho – One Year Later

A year removed from both the greatest and worst moment that’s ever happened in my life, I seek to bounce back from a year of misery and lost concentration with 14 goals I want to accomplish by next December 10th. Saturday, December 10, 2016. A snowy and celebrated day in Moscow, Idaho not only marked […]

Eight Months Gone: Continuing My Hunger to Succeed

Post-Graduation life varies for different people, some reach the summit right away but there’s some who struggle and I’m no exception. Friday, December 16, 2016. I made my farewell speech during the last 15 minutes of my 24-hour show at KUOI-FM Moscow 89.3, expressing my love for the station and my unfadeable passion to play […]

Journeyman Journalism: Tale of a Struggling Independent Writer

Ongoing battles of rising to the top the hard way shouldn’t be frowned upon as I struggled continuing my dreams of being a motorsports media personnel. Let’s face facts, the way of working your way up the hard way (without any backing from a media personnel) is at its last leg. The essence of knowing […]