EVERETT, Wash. (January 7, 2021) – Entering my fourth season as an auto racing media writer and photographer, providing content for both Motorsports Tribune and The Podium Finish, I’m self-aware that at least the first half of 2021 will have greater challenges as a media journeyman due to the ongoing pandemic.

I’ve thought real hard about the possibility of providing unique content for profit. However, my heart prevented me from moving forward because I don’t have the greatest following. After thoughtful consideration, I went with my heart and took the greatest risk of my career by launching my own Patreon.

As both a University of Idaho alumni and motorsports media journeyman, I’m determined of making 2021 count as a ​content creator.

Although I’m a staff writer and photographer for both ​Motorsports Tribune and ​The Podium Finish, finances in the industry are hard to come by. If I want to continue my journey, I must find extra work and without financial support, there may not be a career after 2021.

By supporting my ongoing quest towards the media promise land, you’ll allow me to provide new and exclusive content such as ​NASCAR red flag stories and facts, early access of my projects like my videos, the ​”Behind the Exploratory Lenses” podcast, and photos.

My main goal is providing diverse content that’ll cater to everyone who loves racing, sports and human interests. That way, it’ll gain attraction from future media outlets who’ll see what I’m capable of doing in the long run.

Any help and support for my works throughout the year will be highly appreciated.

I’ll have two tiers ($5 and $10/month) with emphasis on expanding my niche content in the world of racing, showcasing my photography work at a quicker rate than seen on my brand and restarting my video content career.

Having funds will allow me to do more passionate content such as a special video project I’ve been interested of doing for several years and makes traveling a bit easier.

More importantly, the dream of earning profit to expand my brand because it’s my ultimate goal when I launched the website over a year ago. I’m confident this risk is worth trying and hope it can lead to greater opportunities in a career I refuse to give up.

Kindly spread the word and until we meet again, be mindful, stay healthy and wash your hands.

Published by Luis Torres

University of Idaho graduate that's currently pursuing the dream of becoming a motorsports media personnel.

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