Hellfire and Brimstone: Reflecting on an Awkward Year No. 25

People have said a phrase that goes like this: “Nobody likes you when you’re 23!” I challenge you with 25 as the year no one seriously likes you.WRITER’S NOTE: I was going to go with “Nobody Really Likes You When You’re 25,” but I went with a more subtle title because it’s a better representation […]

Coming to Temperamental Terms About My Media Career

Unless some Christmas miracle happens, I’m slowly starting to accept this Friday at Evergreen may be my last on-assignment for 2020, maybe ever. I’m not really thinking about Indy, Vegas, Texas or even Phoenix right now. I want to cover those, but I’m just focusing on Friday. This was the mindset I had this Wednesday […]

Journeyman Journalism: Tale of a Struggling Independent Writer

Ongoing battles of rising to the top the hard way shouldn’t be frowned upon as I struggled continuing my dreams of being a motorsports media personnel. Let’s face facts, the way of working your way up the hard way (without any backing from a media personnel) is at its last leg. The essence of knowing […]