It’s no secret that music is a passion for a lot of people and I’m no different.

During my tenure at KUOI (2013-16), I’ve grown to really appreciate the wide variety of music. Sure, I’m more of a classic rock and metal head as you’ll see with my list, but my tastes are mega weird.

From indie pop to new wave, there were many songs I listened on the road, discovered from other people or just happened to hear it at the mall and found the track IDs seconds later.

Each song struck a chord and I’ll briefly describing why I dig these songs and how it shaped my 2019. So without further ado, here’s my Top 100 songs:

100) Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Genesis (1987)

When it comes to Phil Collins, there’s always a mystique into his records. The live version takes it to a whole new level when the crowd sings the chorus.

99) Dreams by NF (2017)

In the closing days of 2018 and throughout the first month of 2019, there were some rough times. Certain friendships continued falling apart and rather than let it eat me up, I had to accept certain chapters have to close. It’s allowed me to be myself which set this year’s tone.

98) On Fire by Van Halen (1978)

I’ve heard this song way back in 2003 when Fox Sports did a montage of Ryan Newman’s low points. This song played when they showed Newman’s car literally on fire at Michigan. Fast forward to 2019 at Tony V’s Garage, this song was playing and was re-hooked.

97) Mountain Hymn by Rhiannon Giddens (2018)

I’ll admit, I’ve never played either Red Dead Redemption games, which is a personal crime that I haven’t. How I know this song, you may ask? Damn YouTube ads played the RDR 2 trailer for the PC and as soon as acoustic kicked in, the feels was there. So much so, I used it in my NASCAR Decade of Memories video, highlighting those involved in the sport who passed away in the 2010s. Overall, such a beautiful masterpiece!

96) Ripe by Babes In Toyland (1991)

They’re mean and loud! Not much to explain about this group other than that which makes for an obnoxious yet killer record. In case you’re wondering, I stumbled upon this song after catching one of the Beavis and Butthead music video clips.

95) It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo Starr (1971)

This year, I got really into The Simpsons’ golden years and one episode stands out when Marge had a huge fandom for Ringo Starr. This song played in the episode after Ringo finally responded to Marge’s artwork. This song told me that Ringo isn’t a bad solo artist. I still think George Harrison is arguably my favorite solo run among The Beatles. Bias because Harrison also did a version of this song and did a record about Formula One racing.

94) Infinity by The xx (2009)

No secret that one of my all-time favorite groups are The xx. No, the text you’re reading had anything to do with the group. Anyways, this song still resonates six years after hearing it for the first time at Idaho. Instantly fell in love with the song and was a heavy rotation during my KUOI run. The fact their debut album is now 10 years old is surreal.

93) Space Age Love Song by A Flock of Seagulls (1982)

What makes for a great YouTube video? Well, putting two nostalgic forms of media in one video and you’ll get magic. Like riding a motorbike during golden hour in the Palouse. Okay, it’s probably just me who had that dream. Sure, this group is known for “I Ran (So Far Away)” but this one is a lost 80s gem.

92) Pure (You’re Touching Me) by West End Girls (1992)

There’s some definite Madonna vibes in this 1992 record. You’ll notice that right away, but the song oozes lust if you ask me. I’ve recently heard this song after finally googling the lyrics. Thanks, Sami Zayn! Fun fact, this was one of the first songs he recalls when he talked about during the Talk Is Jericho podcast back in 2016.

91) Holy Grail by JAY-Z feat. Justin Timberlake (2013)

Takes me back to Idaho basketball warm-ups when I heard this song every now and then when it was a hit. Needing to play something while taking the bus from Long Beach to San Diego a day after the Grand Prix of Long Beach, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and understood why this song was beast at the time. A tale about the pros and cons of having fame is definitely the message they’re sending.

90) Lust to Love by The Go-Go’s (1981)

After seeing The Go-Go’s “Behind the Music” during the last few weeks of Summer, I was on a Go-Go’s binge and this one just had a chilling vibe the first time I heard it. Especially, walking back to the hotel in Monterey on a Wednesday night. Sure, they’re kind of labeled as a poppy chick group, but if you watch the documentary, it’s anything but when it comes down to it.

89) A Horse with No Name by America (1971)

Always appreciate classics like this. Just an amazing song that has a deep meaning that makes it relevant to this day. Great song to listen on the road when you’re not in the mood of fast and loud music. As a young teen, I used to think a lyric said “I Ran the Horse Grand Prix.” What a dingus I was!

88) Take My Breath Away by Berlin (1986)

Is it June yet? I’m stoke about Top Gun: Maverick. However, this isn’t why it makes my list. During the weird month that was January, I would play this on repeat in the night time just thinking about romantic fantasies which ultimately puts me to sleep. Silence makes it difficult, so some songs that just do the trick allows me to rest and I hate sleeping.

87) Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio feat. LV (1995)

When I was in Long Beach, this song was just right to play. More so after hearing it at a Clippers game and it’s been awhile that I’ve listened to one of my favorite rap songs of the 90s. It hit the spot while getting food before going to the street circuit and do what I love, covering motorsports.

86) SICKO MODE by Travis Scott (2018)

Put your pitch forks away, SpongeBob fans! Now, I don’t know why this song is good when it’s really spliced into parts with Drake not even getting a featured credit. It’s more about the ride that makes this record stand out a year later. Maybe it’s the samples and the third part sounding eerily similar to “Mr. Roboto.” On that note, I need my ears checked for saying that!

85) Reconsider (Jamie xx Remix) by The xx (2012)

This song is high pitched quite a bit, but something about the remix screams a late fall evening in Phoenix. I don’t know why prior of going there, it felt right putting this song when I put a profile video together. Such a soothing vibe that’s meant to be played in November.

84) The Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh (1986)

When I first heard it back in the late summertime, I was annoyed of it because everyone were arguing about stupid things when this song was playing. Once I gave its fair chance, I dug its seductive theme and it helped that the subject of the song is about my favorite color.

83) Loco Por Ti by Los Bukis (1985)

“Crazy for You” is what I would consider a “Bad yet Good” bar music. Except this would never make the cut at a bar, unless it’s a Latin establishment. You can thank my father, who’s favorite band are these guys, for playing this at random and making me dig this song. Ugh! Still a good one to listen at random.

82) Your Love by HAERTS (2017)

13 Reasons Why may be a vilified show by many people, but let’s admit that the songs featured in the show are pretty strong. A few became a favorite of mine such as this one. For some strange reason, this song while waiting for lift off during sunrise/sunset gets you in the feels. Especially, the opening lick as it about to take you into a trip towards the unknown.

81) Get Up and Go by The Go-Go’s (1982)

Stranger Things 3 played a massive role in my playlist this year and this super catchy song was one of them. It’s a nice one to listen when hitting the road during the summer stretch. The music video however, it’s 80s AF from a creative standpoint.

80) Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue (1989)

The moment I first heard this song back in 2006…BAD ASS! Still is to this very day which is why it makes my list. An ultimate go-to song when I need to get motivated. In case you’re wondering, I’ve still yet to get tickets for the big show in Seattle. I’ll get to it because how can I miss a mega lineup like them and Poison just to name a few. If it was middle school Luis, he would’ve marked out!

79) Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves (2018)

Modern country music has never been my cup of tea. It takes the right mood for me to sit down and listen to that genre, and dammit! This song was one of those that was listened at the right time after “golden hour” unfolded in Phoenix. A friend of mine from the area sung it and brought it up. I’ve never heard of it, so I figured, ‘why not? How does it sound?’ Sounded so good and it kind of got stuck into my head for the rest of the trip. See I can be open minded!

78) Orinoco Flow by Enya (1988)

This song screams Superman 64 menu music, but a super smooth song is often what I need before the day begins. This would be true during the final days of the Alaskan Way Viaduct when I hit the ferry from Seattle and head straight to Bainbridge Island. I miss those rides. Also, this song was featured in the 2018 film “Eighth Grade,” which was really good but man, a lot has changed since I graduated middle school back in 2009. Both comedic and blunt about some of the realities middle schoolers face.

77) Intro by DMX (1998)

Laguna Seca mood! Makes me feel like Mike Tyson (who used this song once) and get ready for the major battle at hand. It became my motivating record that symbolizes that I’m going to kick ass with my coverage and nobody is going to stop me during the INDYCAR Championship weekend. I was in a frustrating mood for almost a month over little things and needed a bad ass rap song to set the tone.

76) Sweet ’69 by Babes In Toyland (1995)

If this “nice” song hasn’t been used from a wrestler or promotion, WTF man? This has an ECW vibe that just rocks. That’s kind of the in your face hard rock group’s trademark.

75) Black Sunshine by White Zombie (1992)

That bass from Sean Yseult though! This is the kind of groovy beast music I’d play when I put on some NASCAR Thunder 2004 and move drivers out of the way at Bristol Motor Speedway.

74) Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson (1986)

Something about female pop artist from the 1980s that I really like their quality records that I’d take any day over most of today’s female pop acts. A fun road song indeed and a phrase I used in my KUOI run when I thought about finding the one in Beverly Hills. Only in my dreams!

73) I Like It by Enrique Inglesias feat. Pitbull (2010)

Here’s one for the “fossil but nostalgia” feels! Before heading to Sonoma in June, I thought about this song and man it’s still a guilty pleasure. Back when Jersey Shore was THE show and of all events, this song was used in a cricket world championship ad. In Alyssa from The End of the F***ing World’s voice, WTF?

72) Wherever I May Roam by Metallica (1991)

The first of 11 Metallica songs that makes this countdown is my official Southwest theme. It’s also one of my Instagram stories because I tend to roam around different places. Especially, during both Texas and Phoenix NASCAR Weekends. Whether its heading or leaving Texas Motor Speedway or waiting for my ride at the airport in Arizona, everything about this song resembles the wild ride I’ve had in 2019.

71) I’m the Leader of the Gang (I Am) by Gary Glitter (1973)

Let me take care of this one when you read the artist’s name – he is a total fuckhead. Now that I got that out of the way, this song was covered by the Spice Girls and Hulk Hogan. No bullshit! What I really like about the song more than “Rock and Roll (Pt. 2)” by a bit is the hook and funky bass line. That’s honestly about it.

70) Still Tippin’ by Mike Jones (2004)

The perfect record to listen after a fine night in the city, which are rare AF. This song is a Dirty South classic and totally see why. Catchy and who can forget the “back then” line Jones emphasized a lot outside of his phone number. If you remember it, you’re a real one.

69) One Step Closer by Linkin Park (2000)

The first of two songs where my NASCAR K&N West hype videos played a heavy role into the countdown. This record that started it all for Linkin Park screams edge and aggression. I thought about using it to paint the story of the rivalry between Hailie Deegan and Jagger Jones. However, Sam Mayer and Chase Cabre fit the bill more when the second combo race at Gateway came long. Yes, a couple of East boys warranted this song being used. Also, it was perfect when describing how close Mayer (East) and Derek Kraus (West) were about to wrap up their series titles.

68) Leper Messiah by Metallica (1986)

A song I heavily glossed over from one of my favorite albums of all-time “Master of Puppets.” It wouldn’t be until September when I finally gave this song the proper respect. It just kicks all sorts of ass and a great one to listen in the shower.

67) Passion by Rod Stewart (1980)

A weird illusion I had is hearing the opener in either an F1 or CART ESPN intro where Bob Varsha is describing Michael Schumacher (during the Benetton days) or the title chase between Alex Zanardi and Paul Tracy (1997). That out of the way, I couldn’t pass this one for my hype videos when the opening lines Stewart said described the wild K&N West battle Deegan and Kraus were having at the time. This is my second favorite Stewart song behind “Young Turks.”

66) How Do You Talk To An Angel? by The Heights (1992)

I think about a few women in my life when this song plays. This is definitely the case during the spring when I was in Southern California. No secret that Jamie Walters’ career was altered due to his Beverly Hills, 90210 character being a total asshole to Donna (played by Tori Spelling), but he’s got quite a voice.

65) Afterhours by The Sisters of Mercy (1984)

Play the Stranger Things theme, crossfade it with this sinister song and tell me it’s perfect for the show! This dark record is such an underrated 80s song and produced a weird dream where a bunch of horrible open wheel crashes are being shown with this song in the background. I don’t know why, but this lengthy song does that to me. Give it a listen to understand the group’s approach to this song.

65) The Race by Yello (1988)

For the record, pasting this video deleted my progress and was so mad that I waited until this morning to redo it! Back to my countdown…if it wasn’t for this song, I wouldn’t have been calmed when I was super impatient of getting out of the plane from St. Louis because I had to get to the Cardinals game. Thank god it rained before the sunny skies kicked. Otherwise, I would’ve missed most of the game.

63) You Are A Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie (2011)

A group I constantly saw on my Twitter feed, especially when seeing which songs are being played at KUOI. I finally heard these guys this year and this catchy melody and colorful music video stood out. Don’t know what I’ve been missing all these years, but the songs I’ve heard so far are pretty damn good.

62) bellyache by Billie Eilish (2017)

You can thank 13 Reasons Why for introducing me (and a lot of people I’d imagine) to this 18-year-old super talent. This one was on heavy rotation during my vacation in Southern California, and something about the record showcases the diverse range of Eilish that I haven’t seen in a long time.

61) Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix) by Rhye (2018)

The moment I heard the opening, I knew it was going to be a smooth AF record. It’s 80s vibe makes it a gorgeous remix after hearing it in a video one night in June.

60) I’m A Mess by Bebe Rexha (2018)

The song that I heard in the background a lot all year long! I wasn’t sure who the hell sung this record. Finally at Phoenix, I understood the lyrics rather than hearing the Meredith Brooks influence from afar. The catchy nature makes this a helluva song with a nice message to it.

59) Wicked Game by Chris Issak (1990)

Whether it’s a song to listen at night or needing a song that takes you away from reality, this fine wine record is one of the best. One of things I really hate about the dubbed episodes of 90210 is knowing what’s obviously edited. If a song like this appears, you must see it on syndicated television. Not on Hulu (well, the episode with this song isn’t on there)!

58) The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (1977)

The lone record where all members are credited of writing the song is an all-time favorite. Another song heavily influenced from the world of motorsports, how can you not listen to this song while on the road and imagine putting your foot on the pedal, and go flat out on an empty road! Also, this song paints the turmoil the group were going through and quite a resonating song as the years go by, making it an evergreen record in my book.

57) Planet Earth by Duran Duran (1981)

Another song I listened heavily on the ferry was this bass loaded Duran Duran gem which also fit the mood when I visited Daytona Beach for Speedweeks. This song should be used in dance club scenes. Hell, if “Tequila” can, why not “Planet Earth?”

56) To Stay by Benji Lewis (2017)

Waking up to this song on a beautiful Saturday morning in both Sonoma and St. Louis is quite majestic. While I miss certain people, a song like this was going to make things alright.

55) Toto by Africa (1982)

No explanation necessary as to why I love this song to this day! Not for the meme, but its all around masterpiece is what make this song special. It also reminds me of a friend of mine far away that I hope I see again in the future.

54) Mama by Genesis (1983)

Fun fact, I heard this song in the VH1 show featuring Scott Baio “46 and Pregnant.” A sinister record that really showcases the group’s genius side. After finally seeing the “Mangum PI” episode with that song, I really appreciated the song now than ever before.

53) Balls to the Wall by Accept (1983)

Eat your heart out, AC/DC! This song is all kinds of edge filled with manhood and I really appreciate the addicting Georgian chant late in the record! Great music to listen deep in the night.

52) My Way by Calvin Harris (2016)

Any song with that title – whether it’s him, Frank Sinatra or Limp Bizkit – screams brilliance. This song arguably best describes my journey and the struggle of relationships with people. If I heard this song back in late 2017 or 2018, it would’ve been in my top-10 song because an ex-acquaintance from college really got in the way of living. Well, “I’ve moved on. Thanks!”

51) The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson (1996)

People really think Billie Eilish makes creepy videos? Hold Marilyn’s beer and production! Joke aside, an angering time period this year made me hear this record in full once again. It’s so in your face and I love it! Bonus that the WWF/E (when it was great) used it for both Raw Is War (for like a few weeks in 1997) and SmackDown (2001-03).

50) To Live Is To Die by Metallica (1988)

When my grandma passed away in March, this would be the song I played a lot at my mundane job. The acoustic part is so beautiful and just everything about it is brilliant. Great song to remember her (and Cliff Burton) because while one chapter is over, the memories remain forever.

49) Fake Nice by The Aces (2018)

A recent chick group I dig a lot are The Aces. Particularly, the first three songs of the album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic.” This was the first song I heard of them early in the year after wondering what does the song title imply. Didn’t regret it.

48) Mother (Remix) by ERA (2000)

Driven is a bad racing movie. There’s no lying on that one, but the best scene of the whole film was when this song played as guys like Juan Pablo Montoya and Max Papis prepare for war at Belle Isle. A perfect scene to an otherwise mega imperfect movie.

47) Volcanic Love by The Aces (2018)

The “Heathers” vibe was on point with this wonderful record to kick off the album I’ve mentioned when describing how I discovered the group. Catchy is an understatement.

46) How Do You Think You Are by Spice Girls (1996)

So one of them is married to Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner, eh? So summer Twitter was bizarre and one guy would put songs during movie scenes and this was used to replace the song “Thriller” in the 2004 film “13 Going on 30.” All I’d thought, this song is 90s AF but I don’t mind it at the slightest.

45) Panama by Van Halen (1984)

Forget “Jump,” this is the best song from the album 1984 and Van Halen in general! Seriously, you go from an extremely overrated record to this kick ass superior song. Everything from the riff and the sound of the 1972 Lamborghini Miura S is self explanatory as to why it’s one of my go-to songs.

44) Blood Is Thicker Than Water by The Triplets (1991)

During my binge period of watching 90210, one song stood out at a perfect time period. One chapter closes and we’ll certainly miss the glorious memories, but the bond will live on. No matter how close or far apart we’ll end up with our lives. Perfect song to end Season 3 as the gang graduated from West Beverly High and things would never be the same again.

43) The Heat Is On by Glenn Frey (1984)

The moment I heard the sax in the background of a random Michael Jordan video from his early years as a Chicago Bull, I knew I had to find the song. Wasn’t disappointed and once I get that license, I’ll make sure to put this song when I hit the road during the hot summer days.

42) Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1984)

Everything about this song is weird, but then again my tastes are all over the damn place so a song like this would make the list. From an instrumental point of view, it makes this song different from the rest of the pack that came out of the New Wave movement.

41) Run Cried the Crawling by Agnes Obel (2013)

I’ve only seen one episode of Euphoria and it’s the pilot. The ending is whatever but the rest had me thinking about certain people and where we stand from a connection point of view late at night.

40) When We by Tank (2017)

I often say “When We Tank” instead of “When We by Tank” because of Tank Bowl. Teams do tank (either on purpose or just suck) like the Bungles (Cincinnati Bengals) except this isn’t about tanking or sports. Unless you consider sex as a sport for some reason. This slow jam is true banger (pun intended).

39) bad guy by Billie Eilish (2019)

The memes man! It’s how I remember this song more than the opening and closing which I really like about the song. Although it’s not the top song of 2019 in my eye, still defined the wacky summer and again, the memes! Duh!

38) Turn the Light by Karen O and Danger Mouse (2019)

Mall music either sucks so bad or just sounds so good. The latter best fits this record and if I wanted to make a video featuring vibrant lighting where a girl walks by the streets, I’d go with this one. Too bad I don’t make music videos after one bad experience during college though.

37) Stuck by The Aces (2018)

My go-to Aces song is indeed “Stuck.” It has everything that I love about indie music. The lovely reverb of the guitars, catchy lyrics and an all around flow.

36) Shake It Off by Taylor Swift (2014)

Let me explain this one! I had one weird ass dream in late January where I was in a lip dub battle with a girl I really like but hate at that point. So happens this song was playing on the radio when I woke up realizing this odd dream. Guess what? Months later this was used in an Austin Power scene that was so perfect to what my dream felt like. Even weird is that I realize this girl in my dream wasn’t that bad of a person. Just our egos got the best of us.

35) The Bed’s Too Big Without You by The Police (1979)

I was on a Police binge during the last days of 2018 and one song really stood out as to how timeless it felt. This song that’s been around 40 years feels so fresh. The context is dark, but it also shows how this group was so ahead of its time. They often go underappreciated which is a crime in my book.

34) Hot Boy by Bobby Shmurda (2014)

This may be my favorite rap song of the 2010s right here. Jahlil Beats really hit it hard with this beast beat. The comments is an event such as waiting for Bobby being set free and the hat that hasn’t landed (like the bench Hulk threw in Endgame) really makes this song so special.

33) everything i wanted by Billie Eilish (2019)

This is my favorite song of 2019 because it resonates my life since graduating college in 2016. From the beautiful piano opening off the song and understand how life can be a fear such as people not caring about you when you’re gone. I often feel this way which is indeed a fear.

32) Quiet Storm by Mobb Deep (1999)

The absolute theme of stormy weather. Especially when lightning woke me up at a friend’s apartment in Vancouver. I think it told me to write about Conor Daly replacing Marcus Ericsson at the Grand Prix of Portland. Ericsson was at Spa-Francorchamps with a slim chance of filling in for Kimi Raikkonen. Weird how certain things happen that leads to new works.

31) Formula 1 Theme by Brian Tyler (2018)

Whether you’re a race fan or not, this is a can’t miss song that is an adventure waiting to unfold. You bet your ass I played this while riding a bicycle at Mission Beach this spring.

30) I Want You by Savage Garden (1997)

A quintessential 90s song I heard for the first time in ages while eating at Red Robin. Would become a common go-to song throughout summer when I needed a nostalgic trip.

29) This Town by The Go-Go’s (1981)

The main riff was enough to instantly like this song. One of those I can visually see a profile video done with a group of people who runs a certain part of town. You can say The Go-Go’s were “the faces that ran the place” in SoCal back in the early 80s.

28A) El Duelo (Live) by La Ley feat. Ely Guerra (2001)

The only song featured twice on this playlist. I decided that both the Unplugged and studio album version of this classic deserves its due. This album and Alicia Key’s “Songs in a Minor” were my first vivid memories of falling in love with all types of music and what it can do to a person. Lot of emotions when hearing this song. Like a whole lot! It’s so powerful especially when Ely Guerra comes into the picture.

28B) El Duelo by La Ley (1995)

The tone of the song is much different with the opening setting the tone that I haven’t heard from many rock songs, especially in the Latin genre. Like I often think of Fey was ahead of her time that I get from some Beyonce and Lady Gaga records, this La Ley record makes me think of a scale down version of Linkin Park’s “Breaking the Habit.” Weird how certain songs which may not sound remotely close gets me thinking that way.

27) Orion by Metallica (1986)

A whole new day arrives when I play this most mornings throughout the year. Gets me going when I really need it because that mundane non-media job isn’t fun to spend an entire day, but “Orion” can get me encouraged and it often works. Bonus fact: ABC used it for their 1997 Indianapolis 500 grid.

26) Gold Mind by Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy (2017)

As heard in Dinner with Racers (Paul Tracy Pt. 2), this song is what I call bar music that kicks ass. Okay, not really meant for that environment as I really dig this song while riding the bus to Portland. Makes me want to jump and play air guitar like I’m on the stage of some 70s rock concert.

25) Second Home by the Sea by Genesis (1983)

The second part of the “By The Sea” tale is so damn good for a mostly instrumental record. Every time I’ve visited the state of California, I think about this song. Like the other two Genesis records, I put the live version because it just adds another dimension to an already solid record.

24) Tunnel Vision by Fusebox Poet (2013)

Want to know my favorite song from the current NASCAR Heat soundtracks (2016-19) all across the board? This one’s it, chief! Everything about the solo was a reflection of my final stretch of covering races this year. Even better when it has a bit of “Rock and Roll (Pt. 2)” influence. Overall, I really like this song.

23) I Dreamt We Spoke Again by Death Cab for Cutie feat. Scientist (2018)

I’ve grown to appreciate Scientist thanks to Grand Theft Auto III. It was a fine coincidence when I found out this remix existed and finally caved in into listening to Death Cab for Cuite. Doesn’t matter what time of day I listen to it throughout June and July, I couldn’t go wrong playing this one.

22) Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve (1997)

Whether it’s a Seahawks game or blasting this record not giving a damn like Reese Witherspoon in the 1999 film “Cruel Intentions,” this song is legendary. Glad Richard Ashcroft is finally getting royalties and proper recognition because he does deserve it.

21) The Memory Remains (Live) by Metallica & SFSO (1999)

The S&M album should really be appreciated more than it already is! This song was one of my favorites back in 2012 (it was the last song I heard as the clock went down to 0 and thus 2013 began) and it still holds up really well when hearing this version.

20) No Leaf Clover by Metallica & SFSO (1999)

Immediately after “The Memory Remains,” this majestic record kicks in. Hearing this on the way back from Bainbridge Island and watching a Twitter video of Felix Rosenqvist driving around Circuit of the Americas was perfect beyond words. Definitely one of those prepare for the big task at hand songs if you ask me.

19) Joyride by Roxette (1991)

The duo’s last number-one single was a banger. Another memorable song from my 90210 phase and played quite a lot during my SoCal getaway. Like quite a lot while exploring places like Beverly Hills and La Jolla.

18) The Day That Never Comes by Metallica (2008)

This song was significant to my life back in February and again in late October. What Metallica are really good at is tone structure and this one’s no different. It has is unknown but when it kicks in to high gear, it’s really off the races.

17) Mad About You by Belinda Carlisle (1986)

During one of my dreams, a person reminded me of Belinda and both the song and video is a perfect representation of what it was about. That person doesn’t really exist right now to be frank, maybe someday when I least expect it.

16) Turn the Page by Metallica (1998)

It’s rare when covers are as good or better than the original. This Bob Seger classic had a whole new meaning when Metallica gave it a shot in 1998. NBC used it during their NASCAR coverage in 2000 and 2001 when recognizing the Winston Cup champion (Bobby Labonte and Jeff Gordon respectively). What makes this song special is beginning going on the road every now and then, and the vices and struggles it provides to a person. Not easy but that’s just the lifestyle.

15) Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay (2017)

The only Chainsmokers song I’ll ever listen and that’s thanks to Coldplay’s contributions. A fun Friday night on a hot June night will do that to a person.

14) I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen (1984)

The music video is literally how I envisioned the song’s message. A short song that’s super effective resonates my spring to an absolute tee, especially as the sun goes down and the night scene kicks in.

13) Ready to Go by Republica (1996)

The jam of the winter portion of 2019! I was ready for what was in store in that time period and eager to do new amazing things. Same mood going into the winter portion of 2020, so more than likely I’ll be playing this on repeat once again.

12) The Outlaw Torn (Live) by Metallica & SFSO (1999)

Alright, this song is amazing and it doesn’t pull its punches. Never easy thinking about someone that’s irreplaceable or only one that fits the ideal mold. The live version adds to that element and it hit me deep this fall, but it also paints the picture of my personal struggles this entire calendar year.

11) Damage Inc. by Metallica (1986)

I really love the opening minute a lot! More so when I was at Daytona. You want to know how my year went in a nutshell, listen to the opener and you’ll get the message. No matter the struggles I go through, I have a lot to look forward to and appreciate what I have right now. Things can only go up when I think that way because I get to do stuff I have a passion for and no doubt will continue in the Double 20s. The rest of the song is super good and its aggression personified.

10) Knocking on Forbidden Doors by Enigma (1990)

This song has a whole weird vibe when listening to it on the way to hell during rainy mornings. I see visuals of a driver being carried away on a gurney, completely drenched in blood. Must because I discovered this song from a clip featuring a horrific crash at Fuji in 1983. I tend to find obscure songs that way every once in awhile. Violent imagery aside, this record kicks ass.

9) Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies (1983)

A random “Pepsi” comment on a Metallica video where some guy sang “No Remorse” real fast leads me to find this run-on story. At freaking SeaTac while waiting for my flight to St. Louis no less! It’s an addicting song and why I drink Pepsi at Costco all the time. When I see memes of Mike Muir wanting a damn Pepsi, I immediately stop what I’m doing and play the whole song.

8) Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) by Miami Sound Machine (1986)

What’s weird about this song was hearing it a day or two after telling someone I care about they’re not a certain word. Even weirder when it was also about a day or two after having that “Shake It Off” dream. I don’t believe in signs but that has to be a weird coincidence how all of that unfolded.

7) Welcome to the Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1984)

It screams 80s that I can feel it! The whole structure of this version of FGTH just sets a fun vibe filled with cheap thrills. This song would’ve perfect for a certain scene in my skit back in college. Too bad I first heard this song in 2018 instead of 2015.

6) Paralized by John and the Volta (2013)

The third season of 13 Reasons Why was a complete shit show. It was all over the damn place that it lost me throughout. If I heard this song during my time at La Jolla or even in Idaho, I would’ve wore this song out. Well, I did after hearing it from that show. The synthesizer is so menacing which is why I loved playing it.

5) Dominion by The Sisters of Mercy (1987)

From the group that brought “Afterhours,” this song is a whole different mood. Rather than being full-on dark, this one feels more alive. While surviving the ride from Orlando airport to Daytona Beach, I played this on repeat. I’ll also thank KamikazeGames for mentioning this song, which is how I discovered this song in the first place.

4) Disposable Heroes by Metallica (1986)

Want to know why “Master of Puppets” is a masterpiece outside of just metal, this song illustrates why Metallica is one of my favorite groups. Right up there with The xx and The Doors, they bring a feel that describes my personality. I don’t go away easy, I will reemerge stronger than last time.

3) One by Metallica (1988)

Out of the 11 Metallica songs, this was my favorite to listen in 2019. I often play this when I arrive and leave Angel of the Winds Arena to do camera or spotlight work. More on the former lately which is super appreciative. I first heard it in California back in 2016 and been hooked since. Also helped hearing the YTP version of One, check it out but I’m warning you, it’s bizarre AF!

2) Head Over Heels by The Go-Go’s (1984)

What’s awkward about this song being so high on my list was that I randomly wanted to hear this song after listening to “Get Up and Go” and “Vacation.” No matter when I hear it, I constantly play it. I had that same phase in 2015. It has to be the catchy nature of this song because it’s hard to explain why I like this song a lot.

1) Never Surrender by Corey Hart (1985)

The moment this song played in Stranger Things, there was no looking back! Now I’ve heard this song a couple of times at random places over the years, but it’s now forever associated with the lines “leave the door open three inches.” Once I took time to understand the lyrics, especially in the fall, I get why this song topped my list.

Now you see why my taste is all over the place and I credit my tenure at KUOI for it which was a true highlight of the decade that was the 2010s.

Let’s see how the future unfolds and what new music I can discover. No matter when it came out or how I discovered it. Each song has its tale.

Until we meet again, doubt me if you insist, prove me wrong if I give consent.

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