LYNNWOOD, Wash. (Sept. 14, 2022) — The Lynnwood Convention Center hosted the Meet the Artists Reception Wednesday evening.

During the two-hour event, folks around the community entered the area to see incredible artwork from incredible artists around the Snohomish County.

Underneath this blog, you’ll find the photo ops I took of several folks and artists that’s free to download.

Click on the photo you appear in and on the bottom right you’ll see an information icon (lower case I inside a circle). That’s where you’ll find a section below that says “view full size.”

From there, it’ll open a new tab and that’s when you’ll right click and save the image. Enjoy!

Like many artists from different walks of life, donations come a long way that’ll allow me to continue my photography business in the Pacific Northwest.

This summer, I began pursuing gigs to showcase my works and expand my horizons. If you’re generous enough to support my other works, I’ll highly appreciate it.

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