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As previously mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to split this annual piece into two parts. One on racing and the other on my ventures throughout the summer and early fall.

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When I began Luis Torres Multimedia, I’ve always wanted this outlet to be something more than just a portfolio site. I had to dream bigger in order for this site to be worthwhile for the long haul.

This year, I decided to take the ultimate risk by making this site a place where I share my works outside of racing. Branching out and being versatile is critical in this day in age of media.

Some events I did if the money was there which is always my number-one rule of thumb when looking for events. Others I should’ve been paid due to the amount of sacrifices I made. Then there are those that were simply for fun and pride.

All of that and more will be told with the best 25 photos I took in 2022.

Before diving into my favorite shots outside of racing, here are five that just missed out of making the cut.

During my stop in Anacortes, these folks (like myself) were wondering if the Seattle Mariners were going to sweep the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL Wild Card series. My phone was ahead of theirs, so on one hand, I had the game. The other was trying to get a reaction shot of the game. Mariners were able to sweep the Blue Jays and advanced into the ALDS. I don’t wanna talk about that series against the Astros.
Interactions like this is what makes photography fun sometimes. This was after fellow Seattle Cascades players decided to spend time with fans and loved ones. One so happened to sign someone’s forehead like it’s Talladega Nights or something. Fun capture though!
On a frustrated weekend that was Oktoberfest, I still took many risks in order to get a better shot over others. I had to roll around the grass to get these closeups of “Hungry, Hungry Hippo.” Gotta love festival games!
From the sunshine in Portland to a rainy morning at Lynnwood, I go where the money is. Like in racing, if it’s rainy but involves some sort of sporting event, it’s worth it. More so when trying to capture decent soccer shots. I enjoyed this one, but there’s one other that stood out more.
I’ll spare the talk about getting a chance o shoot high school football. Enjoy this one of one Cascade HS player posing in front of my camera. Need I say more?

Without further ado, here’s my 25 favorite photos and the stories behind each of them.

In Case You’re Wondering…

The Poulsbo Beer Run was one of two events I provided content on my last day of being 27. This event required me to go multiple bars as the event also required jogging. This particular tavern so happened to have a music jukebox which I made most of it by playing my music. By the end of the day, I’d needed one, but I had to go to the next event in Seattle.

Music for All

If you go to my 2022 gallery page, this is the featured image. It was taken in Issaquah and liked how you see the people into the music. Great visual and interaction from everyone.

The Quest for a Touchdown

This was the other event I was talking about after leaving Poulsbo. For two Saturdays, I shot photos of the Cascade Flag Football League and enjoyed every minute of it. In this image, it was an pass attempt for a touchdown that didn’t come into fruition. But it shows the competitive nature of flag football where it’s both fun but it can also get serious.

Looking for a Teammate

Ultimate frisbee was my first paid gig for my photography business in late June. Little did I knew I’d be covering multiple events featuring people from different walks of life. Although Seattle lost to Salt Lake City, it was a great venture to kick off a busy summer. I had to treat the sport like football in terms of shooting techniques. Not easy but as time went on, I felt that I’ve gotten better.

Timing Is Everything

You know how many matches it took to nail this image involving Malia Shepherd and Devon McHenry? Into my third one! When timed right, you get this great result.

Saturday Night Danza

Fun Hispanic music can lead to great action shots of people having a great time deep into the night. As seen with this kid, he got the whole crowd rooting for him while cumbia music was playing in the background.

Scream for Your Right

Nite Wave performing live in front of large crowds hit different. That’s because you see more energy, especially when doing the cover of “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).”

Kiss the Turf

Getting a chance to shoot high school football was extremely finnicky and dealing with certain folks can lead to unwarranted flak. I knew this would be a one-and-done thing due to how off-putting the folks were. At least I can capture something like this as Cascade destroyed Meadowdale with ease.

Finishing the Drive

Prior to 2022, I haven’t covered collegiate volleyball in six years. I personally though I’d never be back into the sport, but that all changed when I decided to shoot photos of Everett CC volleyball. Among those who stood out was Sarah Campfield, who in this image was finishing off the drive with a kill. As he season went on, the photos improved and it so happened to be the last match before going to Phoenix for NASCAR Championship Weekend.

Nocturnal Lifestyle

For two nights, I tried capturing some clever night shots. It’s still a struggle, more so when there’s little to no lighting to play with. Such amazing colors and all-around action, so I’m happy with how this one turned out. I’ll take any glorious night image over overexposed day shots that’s for sure.

Feeling the Tavern Music

During the tail end of summer, I was listening to several local music. The AR Band was one of those acts. I finally went to one of their shows at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle. I felt like collaborating this lovely sign with the group performing live (amazing BTW). It gave me some Licorice Pizza vibes with the lighting and everything.

Match of Inches

Similar to one of many “Murrayisms” from the great Murray Walker, “anything can happen in volleyball (in this case here instead of Formula One) and it usually does.” As was he case here in the middle of a chaotic drive between Denna Gibb and Jayda Grosboll. Fortunately, the Trojans were able to keep it going without losing a point.

Por La Cultura

In both ventures in Spokane, the Eastern Washington University mariachi band performed. This was taken during Day 1 of Tacos y Tequilla. Personally, I love his shot because you get a captivating image of the band’s suit. When you have a chance to shoot backstage, you make the most out of the oportunity.

Double Subie

Although this import event didn’t draw much attraction, I was happy to shoot both Subaru machines for an impromptu photo op. Ground level shot mixed with the clouds was one of the few highlights that day.

For the Love of a Teammate

Normally, I’m not a person that captures tough moments. During the match, Edmonds CC’s Camilla Pugh had to sit out after an injury. The Tritons defeated Everett and after the match, the entire team came by and shared the celebration with Pugh. Difficult to get back into the locker room, Pugh was carried back by Mackenzie Cheever. As the title suggest, it’s all about love and teamwork all across the board.

July Tree

Creative freedom is important to my outlet. Sometimes, I don’t get it my way but as long as shots like this turn out amazing, I can live with it. The colors was on point when I shot this.

Let’s Try Something Unique

You can say I tried to utilize what I’ve seen from other photos shot by car import aficionados. This was one of my better attempts in replicating them. Not a bad looking Toyota as well!

Finding an Ace Opportunity

One of my favorite images of the year is when a player is trying to get an ace. More so when it’s the libero as the odds of one increases. As seen here with Denna Gibb, her shoes aren’t connecting the floor. It really helps when the gym has an upper level area to make a stunning image pop.

Part of a Year-Long Challenge

One of the oddest shots I’ve ever taken was a guy wearing thematic socks with two decals plastered on. But it’s the glass of beer between them that makes the image. But what’s the story? This guy had a challenge to fulfill and whoever can capture the most unique shots of matching, colorful socks in a calendar year wins a prize. The more creative, the merrier. I hope he won.

A Festive Golden Hour

On the final day of the Refuge Outdoor Festival in Carnation, the sun arrived. One of the most beautiful golden hours I’ve seen in my life. The only venues that can rival such vibe are the morning of the Indianapolis 500 and Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp that I seriously want to capture next year.

Putting the Game Away

It doesn’t get any better than a close shot of a touchdown. I thrive for moments like this all the time! As previously mentioned, Cascade were at a different zip code on a chilly Friday night.

Relationship Goals

This Weiner hit the ground and it’s unideal to eat it. Let alone, pull this off. That being said, get someone that can come up with creative couple shots. I’m happy hey were committed to do this just for the visual because if I were in that spot, I’d probably be against it.

Penalty Stinger

Rule of thumb: No matter how creative you can be, don’t get hurt! It’s a soccer tournament that were open to my creativity, but I sure paid the price for it. Got a stinger on my nose as the goal did went in. No nosebleed, which was the biggest twin of all.

It’s (Really) Lit!

Creating natural fire is one of the coolest shit I’ve ever witnessed. Just this image alone was worth the long process. Being an even photographer requires me to get different angles, but this one was my personal favorite. One of my all-time iconic shots to date. That was until October…

What Happens in the Dark, Stays in the Dark

My magnum opus of night shots. Fog smoke was on point where you can see he actress laying on the ground. It’s genuinely hard to explain much further. Gotta love theatrical imagery and business picked up from there.

There you have it! My favorite images outside of racing this year. It’s a lot of ventures just to get my business out there. Some ventures were better than others and I made it known here.

As the year is coming to a close, I sure hope you follow my journey. I’m planning to fully utilize my Patreon page throughout 2023. Another way to support my business is via donation. My business started this June, so I’m trying to make this work as best as possible.

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Any amount comes a long way! For now, I have one more blog left before 2022 comes to an end. My annual top-100 songs of the year. If you want an idea what it pertains, check out my previous entries.

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Until we meet again, doubt me if you insist, prove me wrong if I give consent.

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